Thank You Letter to Partner

On the occasion of “Spring Tan Suu 2021”, on behalf of all officers and employees of Viet Sin Food Industry Joint Stock Company, would like to respectfully send New Year greetings to distributors and agents.

We sincerely thank the companionship and cooperation of your distributors and agents for our company in the past year. In the year 2020, together with the ceaseless efforts of all employees of the Company and the extremely precious support of the Distributors, your agents is the foundation for the sustainable development of Viet Sin.

To thank the trust and cooperation, we would like to send a small Tet gift to your Distributors and agents instead of the most sincere thanks.

We hope that we will continue to receive the support and cohesion of our Distributors and Dealers in the future.

We wish you Distributors, Your Dealers a Very Healthy New Year, Everything As You Wish – Prosperity!

Viet Sin Food Industry Joint Stock Company.