Tofu rolls corn fish cake


Vietnamese Sin fish cake rolls tofu roll is a product made from basa fish meat, tofu, corn with delicious taste. Ingredient Basa fish meat 67%, corn 10%, tofu 6% (soybeans, table salt), surimi, modified flour, potato flour, cornstarch, flour, sugar, salt, pork seasoning powder plus, egg white powder, synthetic seafood flavor, scallion, chili, pepper, garlic, emulsifier, preservative. User manual Thawing the product Fry in oil at a temperature of 160 – 170 degrees C for about 1-2 minutes until all sides are golden Serve with chili sauce, black sauce or ketchup while still hot Note: The product is cooked, so it does not need to be fried for too long Storage instructions Store refrigerated at <18 degrees Celsius or in the freezer compartment. When you want to use, defrost it

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- Miễn phí giao hàng nội thành TP.HCM với đơn hàng >200.000đ.
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