Introduce Viet Sin Food Technology Joint Stock Company


Address: 1645 Province Lo 10, KP5, Ward, Tan Tao A, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 0938 799 984 – 0902 818 103.


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Viet Sin Food Industry Joint Stock Company (Formerly Viet Sin Trading Service Co., Ltd),

Founded in 1997, with more than 60 high-quality products supplied to the market, Viet Sin has affirmed its brand in the market as one of the large enterprises in the food processing industry, fully equipped with convenient to overcome rigorous challenges for the purpose of achieving the highest efficiency in consumer service tools.

Viet Sin is constantly making efforts in the present and in the future to improve its position in the market, focusing on investment in modern advanced equipment, new technology processes at home and abroad, developing the human resources of the experienced staff to meet the needs of customers.

Viet Sin Company has always built for itself a program of activities with the working motto: “Quality Products – Hygiene, Safety – Dedicated Service” with the slogan “Delicious Food of Every Home”. aim at the customer focus as the focus and make continuous efforts to increasingly improve and assert its position in the market, keep the trust of many partners and customers as well as create confidence for our staff employees.

Operating over many years, Viet Sin has always tried its best and received many outstanding achievements: HACCP standard, ISO 9001: 22000; Vietnam high quality goods; Top 100 typical product brands granted by the Ministry of Science and Technology; Gold Cup for the cause of protecting the environment in Vietnam; Industrial brand gold cup; typical business; Ho Chi Minh City Business Association; Ho Chi Minh City Young Entrepreneurs Association.vv …

The company is applying the product quality management program according to HACCP standards, ISO 9001: 22000.

With over 23 years of experience in manufacturing and processing, Viet Sin is able to manufacture products that suit the tastes of each market, as well as the requirements of customers.

Consumption system across the country: with many Supermarkets, Distributors and Agents in all areas of North – Central – South in the province of the country.

 Viet Sin Company was established to create a leading brand of diversified fast food, innovative products with many flavors for people to enjoy, Viet Sin is constantly developing and increasingly successful.

Vision, mission, core values:


  • With aspiration to pioneer, Viet Sin strives to become a company that provides the most reputable to customers.
  • Desiring to create a Vietnamese brand in the market.


  • For the market: providing high quality products and services to consumers.
  • For shareholders and partners: Always create trust and prestige.
  • For employees: Building a dynamic, creative and developing working environment.
  • For society: showing a sense of responsibility and national pride.

 Core values:

  • Mind: Always put the word center as the foundation, put the customer as the center.
  • Credibility: prestige as protecting one’s own honor.
  • Intelligence: Creativity is life and is a lever for development.
  • Speed: High effective speed on each action.


  • Top 100 typical product brands granted by the Ministry of Science and Technology.
  • ISO 9001: 22000 standard
  • HACCP standards
  • Vietnam high quality goods
  • Gold Cup for the cause of protecting the environment in Vietnam
  • Industrial brand gold cup
  • Outstanding Business and Entrepreneur Award
  • Prestigious brand name granted by the Vietnam Enterprise Institute
  • Viet Sin is present at major fairs typically: ASEAN Cultural Fair, Vietnam-Japan Fair, Park Food Fair September 23, ..