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About Us

 The history of formation and development of over 16 years

Viet Sin was founded in 1997 is one of the largest enterprises in the food processing industry, has been equipped with the means to overcome the crucible for the purpose of achieving the highest efficiency in the service of consumers. With more than 50 products meet high quality standards, harmonized nutrient content, beautiful design, comfortable for living and suitable for everyone.
Viet Sin brand associated with fast food products such as fish ball, egg rolls, pig's head paste, Vietnamese pork roll, shrimp dumpling
With a vision: "Vietnam wants to become a symbol of Sin beliefs Vietnam No.1 fast food." Vietnam Sin to bring creativity, shorten processing time, the housewife caught up with the current pace of life speeds par tai.Su Vietnam Sin committed to community nutrition products, good quality most of responsibility and respect for man and society. Certification ISO 9001: 2000 is the standard used to assess the quality management system of an organization and appropriate certification.

For years Vietnamese Sin always has the title "Vietnam High Quality Goods" as consumers voted in the "Top 100 Brands, typical products apply science and technology" by the Ministry of Science Range and Technology. In addition, Vietnam Sin also achieved the title: "Gold Cup for the cause of environmental protection in Vietnam" correct criteria "Because community health." Vietnam Ministry of Industry awarded the "Gold Cup Brand Industry" 2004

19/08/2011 Vietnam Sin international standards ISO 9001: 2008 Vietnam Sin always placed primary focus on quality, safety and hygiene, the use of advanced technology equipment applied Us quality management system in accordance with international standards of HACCP. In 2011, the award-winning business, the typical entrepreneur

From 2011-Present:
After more than 16 years developing the company has achieved outstanding achievements in economic doanh.Cong products company has reaffirmed its position on the market, marketing promise with many partners and customers as well as create confidence among officials and employees. The company is constantly working in the present and the future to be able to enhance its position in the market.

Motto: "Product Quality-Safety-dedicated servers".
Slogan: "delicacies every home".

Best Food

Colocasia Gigantea ...

Between the hot summer day, eating a colocasia gigantea soup cook with fish ...

The opportunity to work at Viet Sin Food JSC,
currently the company is looking ...
Image & Video

Image & Video Events of Viet Sin JSC (Events at PhuTho)

International ...

 International conference for Food Function at Viet Nam


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Phone: (848) 3750.7869  -  (848) 3754.5804
Fax: (848) 3750.2969  -  Email:  info@vietsin.vn
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